Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring's in the air.

The blossoming of the trees outside our store always seems to lend itself to a blossoming of ideas inside the store.  We've got a huge pile of projects to get through, and our workshop date at the Co-Op in Los Feliz is quickly approaching.  Here are  few things we've had up our sleeves, as of late.

We just finished our first Mason Jar Pendant Lamp for the store.  You can also find it online at our 

We've been approached by the Claremont Heritage Society to find a way to make twenty centerpieces for their May fundraiser. They suggested that it would be nice if our centerpiece could also serve as a light source for people to see the list of items that will be auctioned off.  The event will take place in a garden on the campus of Pomona College, so lighting will be an issue.  

This is one idea we have.

I hope they go for it.  Their budget is tight, as is the case with non-profits.  We'll see.  

We have water pumps on the way for cool desk top fountains.  Stay tuned!

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