Saturday, March 31, 2012

Check this out!

Super excited about this new journal concept.  We took a thin piece of birch and actually cut it with our paper cutter!  After that, the binding machine cut the holes and I just stained it and added the button.  How cool is that?  Come to the store and make one of these awesome journals!  We're going to start, tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring's in the air.

The blossoming of the trees outside our store always seems to lend itself to a blossoming of ideas inside the store.  We've got a huge pile of projects to get through, and our workshop date at the Co-Op in Los Feliz is quickly approaching.  Here are  few things we've had up our sleeves, as of late.

We just finished our first Mason Jar Pendant Lamp for the store.  You can also find it online at our 

We've been approached by the Claremont Heritage Society to find a way to make twenty centerpieces for their May fundraiser. They suggested that it would be nice if our centerpiece could also serve as a light source for people to see the list of items that will be auctioned off.  The event will take place in a garden on the campus of Pomona College, so lighting will be an issue.  

This is one idea we have.

I hope they go for it.  Their budget is tight, as is the case with non-profits.  We'll see.  

We have water pumps on the way for cool desk top fountains.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just finished it!

Totally dig it!  That's a birch plywood base with a nice rich walnut finish.  And, I didn't even cut the ruler.  It's simply folded to proper specs and mounted at the base.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Projects

No sooner did I place those pictures of the inkjet transfers to wood did our facebook page blow up with people wanting to get ahold of one of them.  Just this morning, a board member from the Claremont Historical Society came into the shop and saw the artwork.  She thought the board and the hurricane lamps would be great as centerpieces for their fundraiser in May.  They want 20 of them!  Whew!

And, although the Zoetrope is dead, the lamp from that project is alive and well.  I'll be making a proper base for it and turn it into its own freestanding desk lamp.  I'm really excited about that one. 

And, did a wood transfer from one of Charlie's drawings.  These are going to be big hits! 

Then, we're gearing up to do something creative with mason jars.  
Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Claremont Things

Lots of people come into the store and ask if we sell shirts or cards with "Claremont" on them.  Of course, we got to thinking, and came up with some ideas.  Very soon, the Claremont machine will be in full swing. We just purchased a letterpress machine and have started with some really neat graphics.  Check them out!


A really cool guy named Charlie has been popping in and out of store like a breeze, since we opened.  He'll buy a card for someone and then sit out in the courtyard and draw something special on it.  He likes to personalize things.  So, we asked him if he would do something special for us, and he came back a few days later.

We'll show you what he came up with...

very soon.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Triumphs and Some Defeats

The Zoetrope, as groovy as it is, won't be happening.  I thought we'd be able to make some kits out of it, or do a workshop in building them, but they're just too labor intensive and I couldn't get the wobble out of the spinning barrel.  Such is the life of a mad scientist.  If anyone has any suggestions for getting that thing to spin with an a.c. motor, I'd like to hear it.

But, on a high note, out of the Zoetrope came the desk lamp that I made to light the image of the horses.  That'll be the next project, since everyone thought that was so cool.

Also, we're gearing up for the Claremont Community Foundation party which happens on March 24th.  We'll be there cutting up wine and beer bottles for people to bring home as souvenirs - Bottle Gardens and drinking glasses.

Drop by on Sunday, March 11th for a tea tasting.  Tiffany, from Boutique Teas will be on hand from 11:00am to 1:00pm, offering samples of her loose leaf teas that we'll be carrying right here in the store.

And, if you know of anyone who wants a groovy couch, please send them our way.  The price is $1599 for this beauty.  It's a one of a kind custom designed piece exclusively for heirloom.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Excited about our new line

Padua Farms keeps on growing.  Right now we've got 8 different soap lines, a lip balm and perfume.  It's all natural and made locally, with love.  I just spent the day photographing and putting them all on line.  It takes a fair amount of time to get that done, while chatting with customers and taking resumes for our new job opening.  I can hardly wait until we've got an employee to get things cooking around here.  It will give me lots of time to work on more projects for our business and to complete a giant project I started over a year ago.  But for now, here are some pictures of the new soaps.

I just finished the zoetrope, too.  It still needs something to correct the wobble, and I wish it spun a tad faster in order smooth out the animation.  But, I think with an axle, bearing and some sprockets, I may be able to kill two birds with one task.  

We'll see.