Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Triumphs and Some Defeats

The Zoetrope, as groovy as it is, won't be happening.  I thought we'd be able to make some kits out of it, or do a workshop in building them, but they're just too labor intensive and I couldn't get the wobble out of the spinning barrel.  Such is the life of a mad scientist.  If anyone has any suggestions for getting that thing to spin with an a.c. motor, I'd like to hear it.

But, on a high note, out of the Zoetrope came the desk lamp that I made to light the image of the horses.  That'll be the next project, since everyone thought that was so cool.

Also, we're gearing up for the Claremont Community Foundation party which happens on March 24th.  We'll be there cutting up wine and beer bottles for people to bring home as souvenirs - Bottle Gardens and drinking glasses.

Drop by on Sunday, March 11th for a tea tasting.  Tiffany, from Boutique Teas will be on hand from 11:00am to 1:00pm, offering samples of her loose leaf teas that we'll be carrying right here in the store.

And, if you know of anyone who wants a groovy couch, please send them our way.  The price is $1599 for this beauty.  It's a one of a kind custom designed piece exclusively for heirloom.  

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