Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Projects

No sooner did I place those pictures of the inkjet transfers to wood did our facebook page blow up with people wanting to get ahold of one of them.  Just this morning, a board member from the Claremont Historical Society came into the shop and saw the artwork.  She thought the board and the hurricane lamps would be great as centerpieces for their fundraiser in May.  They want 20 of them!  Whew!

And, although the Zoetrope is dead, the lamp from that project is alive and well.  I'll be making a proper base for it and turn it into its own freestanding desk lamp.  I'm really excited about that one. 

And, did a wood transfer from one of Charlie's drawings.  These are going to be big hits! 

Then, we're gearing up to do something creative with mason jars.  
Stay tuned!

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