Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Customizing our custom work!

A funny thing happened the other day.  A customer bought a sign for her boyfriend.  She ordered one of our awesome custom signs by Meissenberg Designs.  For this particular sign, you can change the mountain and the altitude.

We think it came out fantastic, and she did too.  However, a week later, she comes walking back into the store with the sign in hand.  "Guess, what?"  See this altitude?

She found out later that the altitude of 8,600 feet is for the top of the ski lift, while the summit is a much more respectable 10,064 feet.  And, since she is giving this to her mountain climber boyfriend, she doesn't want to embarrass herself....Trouble.  "Is there anything you could do?" she asks.  After a bit of pondering, I made a suggestion.  

I thought maybe we could make a groovy little interchangeable sign like the forest service uses for its alerts and information.

I added some hooks.  

And, voila!

It feels a bit more custom than...well...standard custom.  I think it works.  :)

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