Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Custom Work

We got a bunch of custom orders for luminarias, over the weekend.  They really seem to be taking off.

We're anxiously awaiting May 3rd, when the announcements will be sent out for those accepted into the Renegade Craft Faire.  We're hoping to bring a few lines to the event for wholesale to area shops.  Fingers crossed!  

Earth Day was a smash, as a lot of people showed up with bottles that they cut into drinking glasses.  It was a steady turn out all day long.  

In case you missed it, a 1927 steam engine locomotive roared through the village on Sunday, two blocks from our store, as part of a run to the San Bernardino Railroad Museum.  It was pretty neat-0!  I ran out and snapped this as it crossed Indian Hill Blvd.    

Also, Julie Bergmann, who teaches her ever popular class, "Through The Viewfinder," had her picture chosen as part of the mosaic ad for the TV show "Touch."  

Apparently there's a giant billboard for the show in Times Square.  We're pretty excited for Julie.  Her next workshop in building the device that took that picture is this Saturday morning.  Check it out here on our website.  

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