Sunday, December 4, 2011

A True Holiday Weekend

We started Saturday morning bright and early, getting everything ready for our very first class in all things cool - The Wine Bottle Pendant lamp.

It was so fun to gather the "sold out" crowd together to share something we find so fun here at heirloom.  Repurposing stuff is kind of our motto, as we've done it with everything from pallets... cardboard tubes...

 ...and doors.    

Our students were eager and excited to hang out and spend a morning making something they can actually use that will be long lasting and a great conversation piece.

The "Craft Lab" was burning up with people this weekend.  It was loads of fun to see all of the creative spirits make and take some really cool stuff.  

Look what you can make with our box of computer parts?

And, we watched as Emily and family painted some beautiful ornaments and signs out of our unfinished tree branch slices.

Good times at heirloom.


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