Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Go-to Guys

Strange and wonderful things are afoot in the village.  We've received two phone calls in the last week from creative folks desperate for some last minute help with their ideas and projects.  Apparently word has gotten out that heirloom is the go-to place for gettin' it done.

First, it was a phone call from "M" regarding a bracelet with a phone number.  She wanted a folksy look with a metal plate, and would be leaving on a plane in three days.  "I have kind of a strange question," she began.  "Can it be done?"

But of course.  In the photo, the area code has been covered to protect the innocent.  We had some of these metal bands and chain, and just needed to stamp out the info.   She was appreciative and very nice to work with.


So, "L" walks in and says, "I need a custom box made, approximately 6" x 8" and I'm leaving for my holiday vacation in five days - make that two boxes.  Would you happen to know of anyone who can do that?"  She's going to be transferring a photograph onto the face of each box as a gift for whom I think will be family members.  

No problem!  A flip of the switch and I was pushing lumber through the table saw blade.  I cut up some thin birch and glued up a couple of proper boxes this morning.  

She's off doing some stain tests tonight, and we'll be figuring out how to transfer those images over the next two days.  I've done it with inkjet, but it's a sketchy transfer with respect to getting all your edges straight.  

Stay tuned!

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