Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keeping up

In between cutting bottles, I'm jumping back and forth between the workbench and the cash register, then to the computer, helping customers and searching for new design inspiration on the net.

I need to keep expanding our artwork inventory for the luminaries as I want to be loaded up for Renegade, in July.   A customer came in asking about some cool liquor bottles and our "Cigar Lounge" luminary.  I think it came out pretty cool.  This will wrap around the glass and look pretty smart in her little cigar lounge setting that she's creating for her husband's birthday party.

The bottle cutting wasn't going so well, yesterday afternoon, as I wound up breaking a bunch of bottles.  I think the heat was too much and I need to dial that down from now on.  I searched the dumpster behind my favorite architecture firm for cardboard tubes that hold blueprints.  The bottles fit perfectly inside, so they'll serve beautifully for packaging.

Here are two more bottles I made yesterday.  They blew up on Facebook.  It's always good when that happens.

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