Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pushing Forward.

Mother's Day was off the hook, here at the store.  Since we haven't done this whole "owning a retail store" thing, we're experiencing growing pains every step of the way for our first year.  Mother's Day is kind of like Christmas.  Who knew?  But, we survived.

Coming up next, we've got a sold out crowd on Sunday for Becky's Sewing 101 class.  Now, that's pretty cool.  Glad we can be of service to all the folks who have been using their sewing machines to prop up their record collections in their closet.  In the mean time, we're gearing up for the fountain class this Saturday.

It's new for us, so some prep work must be done.  We have to waterproof the wood trays and let them cure for a few days.

We also just finished a bunch of cool glasses from wine and liquor bottles.  We just love making these things.  You never know what you're going to find when you hunt for bottles.  There always seems to be a new kind of glass to make.

And then in our spare time, we're doing more custom luminaries along with a catalog of customizable designs.  Designing our booth for the Renegade Craft Fair is a new challenge.  It never ends!  Stay tuned!

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