Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Burning the candle at both ends.

It's been pretty hectic around here as the Renegade Craft Fair approaches.  The bottle cutting has gone basically nonstop for a few weeks, now.  

We tried a new glass chandelier with Voss water bottles and they've been a big hit.  

The first one left our shop the same day we finished it.  And, the next one is on it's way to Reno, only 5 days later.  I think we're on to something.   For Renegade, we're going to be displaying two or three chandeliers and several pendant lamps.  We've also decide to make a small selection of the ruler lamps. I've started cutting the bases.  Now it's sanding, staining and attaching the ruler.  

And, we did a photo shoot with the luminaries. 

Our catalog mock-up is ready for print!

Stay tuned for progress on the amazing centerpieces we're doing for an aluminum manufacturing company's holiday party!  Whew!  


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