Monday, January 30, 2012

The Main Event!

This last weekend was filled with exciting times and all things creative.  Our "Through The Viewfinder" class, taught by artist Julie Bergmann and her husband Michael, brought the house down.  We already have sign-up requests for the next class, coming up the first week in March.  Amazing!  Let me describe the process to you. 

First, the students acquired the measurements necessary to build their lightboxes around an old vintage camera.

A little cutting and nailing...

...and then they were ready for an introductory shoot, out in the field.

Some people thought we were doing some sort of seismic survey.

Everyone veiwed the images they recorded onto their digital cameras while Michael and Julie gave some photoshop pointers.

Some cool looking vintage quality shots.  Bravo! 
Can hardly wait for the next class. 

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