Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holidays in California

Growing up in California, we've learned to appreciate the icons of the holiday season from a second hand perspective.  We have never actually made a snowman in our front yards, but we've seen plenty of snowmen painted on storefront windows at Christmastime.

And, as children, we never went ice skating in the neighborhood park during winter, but we used to watch our favorite "Peanuts" characters ice skate on TV.  

While those icons may do a very good job of invoking that sense of holiday spirit in all of us, once the TV is turned off and the windows are wiped clean of their winter scenes, the connections we have with our friends and family are all that remain.  And, it's that connection with those whom we appreciate and who appreciate us that keep the holiday spirit alive, all year long.

Thanks to all of the new friends we've made who have frequented the store over the past two months.  Thanks to all who pass the store and wave hello, and to those who stop by to chat.  Our holiday season is sure to be a long one.   

Rob & Becky

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